Activities of the project

Based on the collected historical data, a detailed sampling and analysis plan in the project will be developed. In addition to the analysis of the results of collected historical data on water quality indicators of Lake Butoniga, several mathematical models will be developed, while analysis of water from Lake Butoniga and water treatment plant will also be made with the aim of developing new methods of measuring. Continuous sampling of water from the water treatment plant and Lake Butoniga will be carried out. These samples will be used for all further laboratory experiments and analyses. Sampling will be carried out over 2 years, more frequently in summer as poorer water quality is expected. During each sampling, 4 samples of lake water (from 4 depths) and 4 water samples from the production process of the Butoniga water plant will be taken.

In the next phase of the project, a laboratory pilot device will be developed at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, where pre-ozonation, flocculation and main ozonation experiments will be performed on the collected samples in laboratory conditions. Physicochemical analyses will then be performed on the samples and the data from the previous phase of water characterization of the device and the lake will be compared. The aim is to define guidelines for future expected changes in the surface water quality of Lake Butoniga due to climate change.

Sampling in the intake tower.
Sampling control panel.